About Swisscontact

Swisscontact promotes economic, social and ecological development, which integrate people into local businesses, therefore opening up for them the opportunity to improve their living conditions thanks to their own efforts. Swisscontact strengthens local and global value chains by considering all levels in the private sector. Swisscontact promotes economic productivity and creates genuine added value for all involved, and especially local populations and small businesses.

Working as an expert organization, Swisscontact carries out high-quality project work in the field. It demonstrates the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of its services by means of well-documented, transparent impact measurement. Regular internal and external checks provide proof of continued, sustainable further development of expertise, skills and practical know-how.

Swisscontact concentrates on the promotion of the private sector in four core areas.

Skills development

Facilitates access to the job market and creates the prerequisites for employment and earning income.

SME Promotion

Encourages local entrepreneurship with the aim of strengthening competitive ability.

Financial services

Create access to local financial services such as credit, savings, leasing and insurance products.

Resources efficiency

Sustainable use of resources thanks to energy- and material-efficient production methods, clean air measures and waste recycling.

Our Mission Statement


We make a sustained, effective contribution towards the reduction of economic disparities in an increasingly complex, globalized world.


We promote economic, social and ecological development. We achieve our mission by creating opportunities for people seeking to improve their living conditions and livelihoods through their own initiatives and integrating them into local commercial life.

Organizational Culture and Values

The basic principles of our work are respect for people, culture and the environment, as well as the conviction that people have the innate ability to be innovative and, using their personal initiative and creative powers, can lift themselves out of poverty.

Basic Conviction

The prerequisite for an ongoing reduction in poverty is solid economic development that is oriented towards social and ecological goals and towards the equality of opportunity for women. Broad-based growth is necessary since it creates added possibilities for employment and income creation. The private sector is the most important driving force behind economic development and long-term anti-poverty measures.